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"Hook will be in modern day clothes"

More like we’re shortening his jacket to get a better look at his ass. 

39 Days.


Colin you can’t frickin stand there like that and expect us to all survive


Colin you can’t frickin stand there like that and expect us to all survive


Why on earth are people confused? I think it’s pretty obvious that Killian punched Will because he tried to steal his mate.



My boyfriend speculates (because I’m sharing all these spoilers with him) that Hook is sleeping on a park bench not because of Mr. Gold, but because Hook hasn’t paid his bills with Granny.

After four seasons of guests who don’t pay their bills or have any means of paying their bills it’s about time.


"why do you like once upon a time so much???"


" It’s  not  too  late  to  start  over "

ouat meme ➜   episodes:  And Straight On ‘Til Morning (2x22)

Colin O’Donoghue was a revelation for me in this episode. I thought his performance was beautifully nuanced and quietly powerful. I especially loved his scenes with young Bae. There was such a sense of internal conflict in those moments, and O’Donoghue played Hook’s complicated mess of emotions about Bae with impressive restraint. Yes, he was charming and roughish as always, but there was an undeniable softness to his performance as well, which caught me off guard. That same softness and sense of moral conflict came out again in his scene with Jennifer Morrison where Emma revealed that Bae is Neal, Henry’s father—and that he’s possibly dead. O’Donoghue made Hook’s multiple changes of heart—both the good and the bad ones—believable, which was no easy task. That kind of ambiguity is wonderful to see onscreen when it’s done right. Near the beginning of this season, I loved Hook and the potential in his relationship with Emma, and I was so happy to be reminded of both of those things in this episode. Hook works best as a character when he’s a conflicted, tortured soul with a pirate’s swagger rather than a one-dimensional villain.” (x)


OUAT Rewatch
↳ 2x05 - The Doctor

Colin, look at what you’ve done to the fandom!



You beautiful Irish bastard, you!


Hook’s new outfit.

I’m fine. No, it’s not true.