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captain still from 4x01 in tv guide magazine. 

big thanks to captain-swan-oncer for scanning it!


captain still from 4x01 in tv guide magazine. 

big thanks to captain-swan-oncer for scanning it!


never forget.


never forget.

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otherearthly said: what did huffpost do?


They posted this article basically accusing the writers and cast of OUAT and the fans who do not support SwanQueen of bullying and harassment of the LGBT community. Not only did the writer of this article act as if a fanon ship should be entitled to be represented and coddled by OUAT cast, writers, and its fans, but specifically pointed out tweets Jennifer Morrison made regarding the debacle of not attending an interview about SQ. They essentially painted a target on her back of bullying LGBT fans because she doesn’t pay attention to their fanon ship while promoting the canon ship she is a part of on the show. And yet Lana, the other half of this ship who has also expressed the view that SQ isn’t happening and who supports OutlawQueen isn’t mentioned.

Also, note that they encourage the fans to rise up against this treatment and to continue the behaviour that has caused nothing but tension and disturbance in the fandom because of this ship while mentioning NOTHING WHATSOEVER about Mulan and Aurora, who canonically had romantic feelings and who we should be eager to see getting the limelight again. Nor does it ask us to fight for LGBT representation in general. It is specifically SQ propaganda, demanding the ship get attention it does not deserve.

If this was solely about LGBT representation there would be no issue. But this is misinformation, painting the SQ fandom as victims of bullying purely because the ship they specifically want isn’t happening or being noticed. No one is ENTITLED to have their ship happen. No fanon ship is ENTITLED to be talked about, validated or recognised by writers or cast members. Fight for representation all you want. But there is NO REASON that two PARTICULAR CHARACTERS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN PORTRAYED AS CANONICALLY STRAIGHT SHOULD BE FORCED INTO A RELATIONSHIP TO TICK THE BOX OF REPRESENTATION. ESPECIALLY WHEN SAID SHIP IS A VERY BAD EXAMPLE OF A HEALTHY AND LOVING LGBT RELATIONSHIP.

I stepped away for a while but I’m still seething over it so apologies for the outburst.

Seriously, read that last paragraph again. It is extremely insulting and all but names JMO as a bully. And actors CAN CERTAINLY be biased. They are allowed their opinions and they are allowed to promote the canon show, doubly so if they personally enjoy and support it. This coddling mentality among people in fandom about writers and cast being impartial to ships needs to fucking stop.


y’all thirsty


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This movie reminds me that I can be smart and capable and demand respect and I can do all of that with girly hair and while wearing heels and lipstick and pretty dresses and spending a little “me” time getting my hair done or getting a facial. There’s nothing weak or anti-feminist about being feminine.

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when you and ya bestfriend say something at the exact same time

This is important.


I am a CSer…… not a Oncer.

Seriously, I am ashamed of some of the OUAT fans.



It says true love…. and then there’s captain swan for the photo… Coincidence? I think not. 


Can’t wait